Elive linux is powering our website

To be honest,

I ‘d never heard about Elive untill a few weeks ago.

What made it personally interesting for me are the smooth desktop, Mac like, and that is build on debian.

Normally I use Ubuntu flavours but I always read from Debian about it stability.

So I ve installed the Elive 32 bit on a virtual machine and it blowed out my mind because of the used resources and the beauty of the system.

Great Job there.

Soon I ‘ll a produce a video of this and place it online.

I really recommend this for people who like nice desktops and the smooth flow.

I think there is a great change to implement the students pc’s here with Elive 32 bit. but i have to figure some things out.

Let me insert some links for you guys.

Elive 3.0 – Excelente para bajos recursos Elive 2.0 – Una mirada desde Cuba Elive 2.0 – La hermosura hecha sencillez Elive 2.0 – Quando o Debian encontra o Enlightenment Elive 2.0 – Jess Journal Elive 2.0 – El resucitador de computadoras! Elive 2.0 – My delight using it! Elive 2.0 – El mejor sistema operativo del mundo Elive 2.0 – Nada tan bello poderoso y facil Elive 1.0 – You want a beautiful OS? Try Elive

This links are also on the Elive website.

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